Ryu-E-Ryu: Family Fighting Style


The Ryu-E-Ryu martial arts method has an extremely history, dating back to the 1850s. The founder is named NakaimaNorisato from Okinawa who taught his only boy the method with the guideline that it will just be passed on to one kid per generation.





Norisato's request to keep the Ryu-E-Ryu martial arts a secret bore from the fact that he lived during an unsteady time in his nation. Upon reaching his homeland, the Ryu-E-Ryu was fully established and passed on to his child, Noritada, before being passed on to Noritada's child, Noritaka.



Teachings of Ryu-E-Ryu


It can be stated that Ryu-E-Ryu is a collection of a few of the best and most kept-secret martial arts principles within China. Although it factors in 'empty hand' combat similar to karate, Ryu-E-Ryu also accommodated weaponry fighting utilizing the numerous weapons made use of by Norisato during his travel. This strategy makes it extremely versatile as students discover how to make use of what they have or don't have.



As discussed, the martial arts cover both kenpo (weaponless) and heino (weaponry) combating techniques. In kenpo, the repertory consists of: Seisan, Sanchin, Niseishi, Seyunchin, Sanseiru, Pachu, Ohan, Paiku, Heiku, Paiho, and Pachu. The heiho repertory includes the use of: spear, long sword, spear, shield, sickle, chain and weight, personnel, and more baltimore muay thai .



This martial art likewise puts firm focus on discipline, adding stringent routine approaches and ninjitsu to the teachings.



Ryu-E-Ryu Today


Nowadays, the discipline is being practiced in different parts of the world, particularly the United States, Europe, Venezuela, and Argentina. Okinawa - the location where the creator came from - is likewise a popular area to learn the style.



It was KenkoNakaima during 1968 who finally chose to teach the Nakaima's style of battling. At this point, the political chaos was over and he felt safe in teaching his three children in addition to 2 students the strategy. A formal dojo was constructed and a couple of years later, the Ryu-E-Ryu discipline was given various parts of the world.



A wonderful combating style, the emphasis of Ryu-E-Ryu is the fact that it's versatile, enabling students to fight with exactly what they have, depending on the needs of the circumstance. Stemming from a man who was enthusiastic about the craft, the Ryu-E-Ryu is the result of years of development.