Kenpo Karate Techniques Most Reliable For Self Defense


There is an increasing interest in learning martial arts because the streets are becoming extremely risky; most big cities and town are dealing with problems with growing crime rates. Kenpo karate is one of the most popular martial arts kinds, specifically since it was made popular by Bruce Lee, the Hong Kong based film star and martial art exponent. Bruce Lee was trained in Shaolin strategies but he ultimately created a system all of his own based upon his desire to emphasize versatility, speed and power whilst expending the least amount of energy. He developed a fluid style of battling really different from the rigid competition styles that were preferred with instructors and students alike however not particularly efficient for protecting oneself from real attack.



This design of Kenpo is so effective and reliable in a street battle that it has been adopted by the United States Marine Corps training program. Extremely rarely will an individual trained in this style of martial arts; lose a street fight.



Kempo, as Kenpo is also known, is the best type of self-defense because it is in fact designed with street combating in mind. Fighters are encouraged to use different punches and kicks to suit the scenario rather of relying on a pre-set strategy of action which can quickly go awry because fights hardly ever go according to a plan.



Anyone who takes the trouble to learn the extremely effective fight martial art of American Combat Kempo will definitely be able to take on even the most figured out of challengers. It goes without saying that one has to put in a fair bit of effort to learn this design of combating because it is very strenuous and effective.