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Misconception versus Truth in the Martial Arts


The reality of the Martial Arts is that they are constructed primarily of misconception.This is an odd truth, for the specifics of a martial art, the karate methods and Kung Fu Tricks and so on, are designed by science.It takes leverage to toss a guy; the real martial art is a refined expression of physics unchained.It takes a daunting commitment to effort to make a strike work, but the fact of the strike is an accumulation of balance, poise, and ... science.



Myth, however, drives the beast. Legends embroidered by tale spinners; technical workings brightened by ignorant guys who have actually accomplished, however know not the scientific words which explain their deeds.Analogies of aspects manage a pseudo-science that a martial arts student can comprehend onto, and which can move him to his potential ... to his arts potential.



Constructs of reasoning that have naivety as their base, illogic at their heart, yet provide a framework for guys to validate their pursuits which, in the end, can just genuinely be described by scientific reason.



Aikido is validated by theories of love and consistency, yet that is merely the mythology surrounding the ideal orbiting of 2 bodies in motion.



Karate is a collage of fanatical battle training, yet it is simply the accuracy pounding of the hammer of the body through the spike of the fist on the target of the body.



Kung Fu is a collection of theories, dragons and tigers, insects and snakes, yet it is absolutely nothing but convenient clinical tricks, collected over the centuries, and passed on through flight of fancies in which are ensconced those difficult sciences.



The tragedy is that, even in these contemporary times, students have trouble in separating misconception from science.



And the greater disaster is that when science is used, all too often it is enacted just upon the truth of fighting, and not on the more important development of the human spirit which is triggered by a research of the martial arts.



Hence, the Mixed Martial Arts practitioner research studies just to control his opponent, and not to brighten his soul.



The JeetKune Do student emulates Lee in order to beat individuals up, and not to find the profound peace of spirit which that art, if done according to the ideas of Lee and not for the battle desire of the student, will offer.



And so pass away the martial arts, of myth and truncated fact, and the real science lies fallow, neglected by and trodden upon, by the students who seek, but who don't know exactly what it is that they are genuinely seeking.